Art of Air

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Can you remember walking in to a makeup store and seeing some vibrant, eye color or lip color, you just had to get? And then, when you purchased and began using them, all you were left with was just disappointment and annoyance? The reason for this was simply because the color came out looking nothing like what you saw in the package, transmitting a very ashy, light or dull version of what you really wanted.

The difference between Art of Air and other airbrush brands is quality high-pigment makeup range; this solves the above problem because what you see is truly what you get. High-pigment makeup is pretty much obvious once it’s applied. It is rich in color and shows up boldly. High-pigment makeup allows you to experiment and use the many colors to enhance your positive features.

The Art of Air airbrush color line was formulated and developed by a renowned color lab with over 20 years experience working with professional make up artists in the film industry.

'Art of Air is a great system that uses water and digital-pixel-sized particles of makeup to provide women (and even men) who use it with smooth, superior coverage for all kinds of skin imperfections. Some kits can even be used to cover scars, tattoos and other dark marks.'

The professional quality of the Art of Air Cosmetic Compressor System permits an even distribution of a very fine mist of color

Inferior air brushes and compressors can cause splattering and spray large particles, resulting in an uneven caked look.


Why choose Airbrush Makeup?

Unlike traditional makeup, which is rubbed into your skin, airbrush makeup sprays a fine mist that is applied evenly and sits on top of your skin. Airbrush makeup can provide...