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Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup makes it possible for anyone to create that flawless, magazine-cover look.  Using the power of air, airbrush systems generate tiny particles of weightless makeup allowing you to customize just the right amount of coverage for you.  From sheer to full coverage, our line of airbrush cosmetics can help soften imperfections such as age spots, blemishes, acne, redness and pores.  On top of that, the lightness of the makeup as well as the airbrush application method allows for very thin and even layers of makeup to be applied, which means makeup will not sink into wrinkles and fine lines allowing you to truly mask them. Try for yourself, what the magic is all about.

Why choose Art of Air as your cosmetic airbrush supplier?

Art of Air offers convenience and personalized service while providing makeup artists all of their cosmetic makeup airbrush supply needs. We offer a wide range of makeup airbrush supplies including high quality foundations, shimmers, blushes and airbrush equipment.  We promise to provide better service, safer transactions and fast response while offering you the prices you deserve. Contact one of our representatives today at 626-872-5089 and ask how we can better serve you.

Why choose Airbrush Makeup?

Unlike traditional makeup, which is rubbed into your skin, airbrush makeup sprays a fine mist that is applied evenly and sits on top of your skin. Airbrush makeup can provide...